Happy New Year.  In our last Broadcast we explained how we will communicate throughout the year and that this Broadcast is in addition to the RCC Syllabus which will be distributed through RCC office when available. We encourage you to seek out and participate, especially the new format for Club Championships which will be held over three Saturdays in February, ENTRY OPEN NOW.

Trophy & Achievement Awards – I am sure you will all agree it was terrific to be together at Presentation Night and celebrate the achievements of our Women golfers.  This cannot happen without support from The Board and our Women members.  Shortly, there will be a list of Trophy and Achievement Awards displayed in the Women’s locker room for your consideration. Then at Coffee Morning you will have the opportunity to choose from the list OR make a general donation that will then be placed against Awards.

Charity Nominations – All nominated charities are geographically connected to the Mornington Peninsula and any monies raised must be spent locally.  Additional information supporting the nominations will be provided at Coffee Morning or contact Val McIntosh, Women’s Secretary.

Food for Change – Provides food for the disadvantaged on the Mornington Peninsula

Peninsula Home Hospice – Assists people who prefer to spend their last days in their own home

Light Up Autism Foundation – Provides educational assistance to school children

Member Badges – With the forced break from golf over the past two years, there are a lot of new faces and we would like to ask everyone to wear your member badge, particularly on Tuesdays and especially Coffee Morning.

External Club Events & Bowls – Throughout the year you will see communication for Bowls and other external Golf Club events seeking entries. A bowl is held by another club where they invite normally one team of 3to4 players from RCC Women to participate. There is a procedure and we encourage you to be involved.

Women’s Club Championships -Board Event. Will be played on three consecutive Saturday’s in conjunction with the Men’s. Open to 5,6 & 7 day financial women golf members with (18) hole playing rights. (excluding Lifestyle Members) This is a graded event and Entry open now, we urge you to be involved.    Round 1:        12 February       Round 2:     19 February       Round 3:   26 February

Matchplay Championships – Leading 8 players in each Club Championship grade qualify for this event.

Round 1:      played by 5 March      Round 2:   played by 12 March     Final played on 15 March